‘Craftastic’ (Exhibition - 2020)

“The best teaching method for a child is to let him explore the world around him.”

Keeping this thought in mind Delhi Public School, Serrvodaya Nagar organized its annual craft exhibition in the school premises for classes Pre-Nursery to V on 08th February 2020.

Delhi Public School, Serrvodaya Nagar is a lively, exciting and invigorating place where pupils experience a wide range of artwork. They gain experience in drawing, painting and various activities which enhance their creative and aesthetic talents.

The Pro Vice Chairperson Delhi Public School, Serrvodaya Nagar, Mrs. Bandana Misra inaugurated the exhibition. Founder Sir Alok Misra was the guest of honour. The occasion was also graced by the benign presence of the Member of the Managing Committee Sir Devavrata Misra and Principal Ma’am Rachna Mohotra. The Head Mistress Mrs. Pratibha Shukla escorted the dignitaries around the exhibition, there by giving an insight to one and all that art is not only fun but its also an innovative method for developing vital skills, behavioral skills, co-operative learning and cognitive development.

As kids learn to handle a paintbrush, their fine motor skills improve, when they experiment with materials they learn to dabble with science and most importantly when kids feel good while they are creating, it boosts their self confidence. To enhance the interest of children and to exploit their artistic potential the students of pre-primary came up with the jungle theme wherein the tiny tots got an apportunity to explore the animal world by creating unique craft items. The students of Pre-Nursery made a lion using a C.D., paper folding tiger envelope, a cute piggy bank with cotton dabbing, a hen and a sheep with sticking and an owl shaped brown paper bag with finger printing activity. Nurserys made a fox using paper plates and doing paper tearing activity, the national animal tiger was created by using ice-cream sticks, a cold drink bottle was converted into the smart flightless bird, Penguin. By joining paper cups a giraffe and pig were created and finally a squirrel was made by doing dabbing and sticking. The students of class Prep also made many eye catching items like an owl paper bag there by giving the message of saying no to plastic, cute giraffe hair bands, a smart crocodile cap, hippopotamus pen holders, macaw hangings and mesmerizing peacocks using CD’s.

Polka dots consist of an array of different sized circles. It is a universal theme popular among all age groups. It can be seen on clothing, toys, decor, artefacts etc and never goes out of fashion. The students of class I showcased their creativity by presenting an exuberant display of beautiful craft items like gift envelopes, paper baskets, birthday caps, pen-holders and piggy banks. They learnt how to make these items with colourful paper and also decorated them with different sized vibrant polka dots. The objective was to create utility items which can be used by the children.

Gardens are always special places. They help us to create a nature like environment at home. They provide essential benefits which have a significant impact on our well being. To showcase their love for nature the students of class II created mesmerizing gardens in their classrooms. The children developed new skills and learned about science and nature by making attractive clay pots and decorating them with glitter and stones. The final touch was given by planting saplings in them. They also made ladybugs using red and black coloured sheets. They were taught to make bright bumble bees using yellow and black chart paper. To further enhance motor skills the students learnt to make breath taking sunflowers, cute butterflies and colourful pinwheels.

Origami is a Japanese art which enables the students in developing their imagination, eye-hand co-ordination, sequencing and also helps the children in achieving a sense of accomplishment through their activities. Keeping this in mind the students of class III presented their aesthetic abilities by creating amazing and eye-catching craft work using paper and their imagination. They made butterflies, hats, birds, flowers and aeroplanes. The students were awestruck by their own creations as they gave them final shape.
We all know that each child is a treasure house of hidden talents and a creator of new ideas, swimming in a sparkling sea of imagination. An art exhibition is a platform through which the students get an opportunity to exhibit their creative skills. Through the exhibition the students of class IV executed their unique theme of ‘black and white’, wherein with just a swish of a paintbrush, or a little blemish of glue, is all that it took for children to turn anything from ordinary to wonderful. The children created coasters, vases, hanging clouds, canvas and paper bags etc. The material used to create these attractive exhibits was white and black chart paper, cardboard, shoeboxes, ribbons, glass bottles, jute ropes, paints etc

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing and having fun. Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements which adds in human happiness. With this thought in mind the students of class V chose homedecor as their theme. Since most people spend a considerable amount of time in their home, the home should be decorated with beautiful and eye-catching art pieces. The spectacular craft work displayed by the students of class V included pen stands, photo frames, wall hangings etc. This gave the students a chance to create and apply their ideas and present things differently in their own unique way.

The spacious and light filled atmosphere at Delhi Public School, Serrvodaya Nagar provides a special learning environment to the students. We give the students an opportunity to engage and inspire them to experiment by creating E.V.S. Science, Computer and Maths projects. This aims to help stimulate camaraderie, the sharing of knowledge and ideas and ultimately a feeling of common accomplishment . The parent fraternity attended the craft exhibition and appreciated the efforts put in by the staff and students. The Chief Guest was full of praises admiring with amazement the items at display and giving the message that along with academics it is important to create, learn, grow and gain confidence.

‘Craftastic’ (Exhibition - 2019)

The tiny tots of Delhi Public School, Serrvodaya Nagar poured out their creativity and talent at the art and craft exhibition ‘CRAFTASTIC’ held at the school on 09th February 2019.

Every class was decorated conceptually. Deeply immersed in their own creative world, the little ones animatedly described their works to the visitors under the guidance of the teachers. The display comprised of various themes like Aqua, Birthday party Clocks, Wedding theme, Memories, Festivals etc.

The entire school campus was a melange of colours with the thematic display of the creative and aesthetic talents of the students. It also gave the students an opportunity to bring forth their oratory skills to the fore front by telling one and all about the craft items prepared by them.

The parent fraternity attended the craft exhibition and appreciated the efforts put in by the staff and students.