Proud To Be An Indian

Proud to be an Indian

India got independence on 15th August 1947 from the clutches of British rule. This day we recall the struggles, revolts and the efforts of our Indian freedom fighters. They would always be in our memories and a way of inspiration to us.

We are a country of vast diversity and our unity makes us a strong nation. From technology to agriculture, we are ranked among the top countries of the world.

Keeping this spirit in mind, the children of Pre- nursery put up a splendid show on 30th Aug’18 on the theme ‘Proud to be an Indian’. They spoke about glory of free India. They expressed their patriotism by reciting a rhyme followed by a beautiful song sung by the tiny tots. Last but not the least, the astounding show concluded with some spectacular dance performances presented by preps, nursery and Pre- nursery. In all, they made the spirit of Independence Day come alive.