Teacher’s Day

Teacher's Day

‘Teachers should be the best minds in the country’

These are the words of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a great Indian philosopher and statesman. He was also the president of India and his birthday is celebrated nationwide as Teachers Day.

Teacher is not only a mentor, a guide, a philosopher but a friend too. To honour the efforts of teachers, the students of class 3 organized a special assembly. The premises were decorated with colourful props and banner. The assembly commenced by seeking the blessings of God. A melodious poem was presented by the students to pay gratitude towards their teachers.

Teaching is not always about syllabus, sometimes it becomes the fun factor for the students as well as the teachers. A skit depicting the lighter moments within the classes was presented showcasing the beautiful bond between the teacher and the students.

Last but not the least, a melodious choir, ‘You are my Sunshine’ was sung. It beautifully conveyed the emotions of love and respect for the teachers followed by few inspiring words by our Head Mistress ‘Ms Pratibha Shukla’ for the efforts taken up by the team of students and the teachers to present this exuberant special assembly.