Summer Camp 2022-23

Summer Camp

Kids look forward to the exciting atmosphere that can only be found during summer programs. Away from the routine of traditional school days and full of friends and new activities “Summer Camp” is a special place where kids can engage in their favourite games each day. Children enrolled for one such summer camp held at DPS Serrvodaya Nagar from May 21st 2022– May 28th 2022. Within the camp setting they developed a sense of independence as they tried new adventures away from home. Children actively participated in fitness activities that helped them to improve their body postures and the varied elements of fitness.
They also learnt the techniques of self defence, and a variety of social skills etc. They also participated in activities that encouraged them to discover how to create with the technology. Last but not the least they worked using their aesthetic abilities and created beautiful pieces of craft each day.
The camp ended with fun filled activities, fun games, music and dance and finally they enjoyed some lip- smacking snacks and mocktails.