Mothers Day

Mother's Day


“God could not be everywhere so he made mothers.”

To celebrate and rejoice the presence of ‘Mother-a-Gift of God’, D.P.S Serrvodaya Nagar organized a grand mother’s day celebration ‘Rendezvous With Mom’ in the school premises on Saturday, 11th May. The school campus was beautifully decorated with colourful balloons, streamers, banners, quotations and hangings relevant to the theme.
The children welcomed their mothers with beautiful welcome badges, depicting the love between a mother and child. The programme began with the presentation of an acrostic poem on mother by the students of class Prep wherein each child held a huge heart with the letters of ‘mother’ on it. This was followed by another poem ‘My Mother’ which was recited with clarity and voice modulation and received a huge round of applause.
A fashion show – ‘There is no one in the world like you’, was organized for our Pre-Primary mothers wherein different themes were given to each wing. Pre-Nursery mothers were dressed in polkas, Nursery mothers in stripes and Prep mothers in floral. The participants were dressed up requisite for the theme which added to the ambience.
As the show gathered momentum, the whole atmosphere was charged with excitement and enthusiasm. The fashion show was adjudged by a panel of experts.
The fashion show was followed by the other competitions like Mood music, Mom junction, Dance-ma-tazz, Party oasis and Folklore, where the mothers got an opportunity to show case their singing, dancing, story telling, culinary and event management skills. It was a pleasure to see the mothers competing with each other in a healthy manner. These competitions brought out the aesthetic and creative talent of the mothers to the forefront.
The programme came to a turning point with a peppy dance performance ‘We are the champion’ by the students of class V which left the audience spell bound ensued by exceptional guitar performance for our mothers.
The programme came to an end with the announcement of the results. The floral queen, the polka queen and the stripe queen, were crowned by the Head Mistress Ms. Pratibha Shukla. She also gave the vote of thanks and encouraged the children to love and respect their mothers, who are our source of strength and our guiding light. The dignatries gave away the prizes and the students presented the mothers with handmade tokens as they were escorted towards the refreshments.