Jashn - E - Bachpan

Jashn - E - Bachpan

Jashn - E - Bachpan (Annual Sports Day - 2018)


“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”

In the 21st century, the pure academic education that students are introduced to, is steadily paving the way to a whole new type of education which surpasses the four walls of a class room. The core aim of this education is to foster all round development of a child. Keeping this in mind co-curricular activities are designed and balanced with academic curriculaum so that every student gets to learn beyond subjects. These activities bring forth the hidden talents and give the students stage confidence.

Delhi Public School, Serrvodaya Nagar organized its Annual Sports Day “Jashn-e-Bachpan : Blitz” on 25th November, 2018 in its vast sports ground. The programme commenced with the ‘Torch Ceremony’. The Chief Guest Pro Vice Chairperson Ma’am Bandana Misra, Founder Sir Alok Misra, Member of the Managing Committee Mr. Devavrata Misra, Principal Mrs. Rachna Mohotra were escorted by the guard of honour and welcomed with a badge and bouquet. The Founder Sir Alok Misra took the salute, lit the torch and declared the event open as per the tradition of the school. The games captain carried the torch to the cauldron with great pride and honour and thereby the students took the oath. Head Mistress Mrs. Pratibha Shukla welcomed the dignitaries, parents and presented the school report. The sports meet was a panorama of colours wherein the students of classes Pre-Nursery to V participated enthusiastically. The day began with the welcome song sung in an extraordinarily impressive manner by the school choir ‘Team Melody’. This was followed by the ‘Toon Parade’ of Primary classes, starting with class – I in Disneyland theme, where it was a pleasure to watch Mickey and Mini mouses with their fantasy land friends for magical celebration on the grounds of D.P.S. It was a moment where dreams came true, hearts soared and everyone just became a part of the magical moment. Just behind class – I were the students of class – II in colourful headgears of feathers and the sun depicting a positive thinking and attitude for the prosperity of the country. They gave this message that though India is a land of unity in diversity yet the people live together in harmony and brotherhood.

Birds are the symbol of freedom, they should never be caged as they are born to be free. The students of class – III enthusiastically took part in the parade dressed up as birds with vibrant and exotic headgears and wings, giving this message that a cage is a cage and life in captivity is often a death sentence for birds so lets take a vow to free them.

The environment is where we all meet. It is the one thing that we all share. So lets heal the world and make it a better place for you, me and the entire human race. The students of class – IV marched in the parade with discipline, co-ordination and impeccable synchronizations dressed up as blooming and beautiful flowers.

The young and dynamic soldiers of class – V marched forward with great vigour to exhibit the motto of unity, peace and non-violence. Resonating with pride they gave the message that every sunrise brings more promises to rise higher. The highlight of the parade was the toon train which was mind blowing as it chugged into the D.P.S. station with Mickey and his fantasy land friends on board. It chuffed real smoke from the chimney and whistled as it moved on its track and gradually clickety clicked out. The audience was absolutely spell bound and awestruck with its grace.

The Maximus Circus train came to town.

People were standing back and looking for the clown, laughing and tumbling,

Acrobats were swinging high and elephants were parading by,

Hey, there! Hoopla!

Here was the circus troupe

Hey, Hey!

Here was the circus troupe

Circus has been known to offer family entertainment for generations. Focused on exotic acts and extreme displays and tricks performed by animals which are timeless. Our pre-primary toddlers did just that by putting up an amazing show with clowns, acrobats, animals, cheergirls, tamers and jugglers. It was a spectacular sight to see the tiny toddlers doing tricks dressed up in their colourful attires. The clowns tickled everyones funny bone with their hilarious acts. The tamers moved with pride and attitude as they gave their commands and extracted jaw dropping performances from everybody. The acrobats and jugglers won the heart of one and all with their spectacular acts.

No sports day is complete without a race. Keeping this thought in mind the students of class – I sportingly took part in the ‘Funny Bunny Carrot Race’. It was a treat to the eyes to watch the colourful and charming bunnies hopping with their juicy carrots in a hurry to feed their Bunny king at the earliest. The little bunnies allured the audience with their cuteness and energetic performance.

Over the years man has come up with countless inventions each more resourceful than the last. However as the machine age continues mankind is threatened. The machine (robot) has already begun to control so many vital functions that man has taken pride in doing himself earlier. But it is rightly said that a machine can never replace the human brain for it is humans that created them. Looking at robots from a broad perspective, we can say that there is no matching to robots when it comes to speed, accuracy etc. but humans still have an edge over them and this was beautifully depicted by the students of classes II and IV through their Kinematic Drill. The children looked extraordinarily smart in their blue and silver body suits and spectacular headgears.

Running is very enjoyable and the easiest way to exercise. It was made more exciting by the students of Nursery as they came out on the field to take part in a race named ‘Hoola Hoops’. They looked adorable, dressed up as clowns and cheer leaders, as they ran on the track collecting hooplas for their partners and targeted to reach the finishing line.

Visiting the beach is a wonderful way to pass the time, specially when the weather is so perfect. The children of class – Prep hit the beach ready for ‘Oyo Beach’ race in which the handsome boys were eager to dress the dainty girls in hula skirts, tiaras, garlands etc. and run for the finishing line.

With great zeal the students of class – III zoomed in a team race “Building blocks – We’ll rock”. Each team galloped forward with the goal of reaching the construction site first to complete their house and emerge victorious. It was a pleasure to see them participating with great vigour and enthusiasm.

Rainbow race presented by the students of class – II involved running and jumping over the hurdles at great speed. Three teams of seven children each participated with the objective of darting past the track at the earliest and reaching the finishing stool placed at the end.

Keeping fit is the mantra of todays generation. Fitness is the food for mind, body and soul. This was rightly depicted by the students of classes I and III through their drill ‘Wellness is Happiness’ wherein the students perfomed and gave the message that life is all about you – You being fit and strong and turning your back to laziness and lethargy. The children performed rhythmic and soul touching exercises and left the audiences asking for more.

Races symbolize the activeness of the body. Life is full of hurdles and shows us ups and downs at every step. This was beautifully depicted by the young and dynamic runners of class – IV through there race “Trip, Crawl and Jump”. They also gave this message that one can cross the hurdles of life successfully without giving up only if we work as a team.

The school orchestra “Musical Munchkins” gave a synchronized performance comprising of melodious team spirit songs and the environment reverberated with their harmonious presentation.

Winning and losing is a part of the game. The most important part is taking up the challenge and daring to face competition. Hence everyone is a winner with this positivity Pro Vice Chairperson Ma’am Bandana Misra, Founder Sir Alok Misra and Principal Azaad Nagar Ma’am Rachna Mohotra gave away the medals and certificates to the winners.

D.P.S. Serrvodaya Nagar is synonymous with innovative activites. Keeping this in mind a garland race was organized for our dear parents wherein the parents hopped as a couple on the track and at every hop they exchanged the garland with the objective of reaching the finishing line first. It was a pleasure to see the parents participating enthusiastically.

“यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत।
अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम्।।”

Whenever there is decay of righteousness and exaltation of unrighteousness, God himself comes forth for the protection of good and destruction of evil. The programme came to a befitting end with the grand finale by class – V wherein the children gave the message that men and animals, all are children of God and all have an equal eight to live in this beautiful world.

It was a feeling of pride with which the parents watched the budding athletes run for the finishing line and also entertain the audience with spectacular drills. There was a sense of elation and celebration as the event concluded with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. The parents were thrilled to see the toon train which was a kaleidoscope of colours, sparkling with creative imagination. Founder Sir Alok Misra appreciated the programme and congratulated the winners. Head Mistress Ma’am Pratibha Shukla appreciated the efforts put in by the teachers and students. The programme concluded with the national anthem.