Online teaching pedagogy involving activity based learning...

My experience with DPS: Would like to express my sincere gratitude to DPS fraternity for exceeding the expectations amidst turbulent times. Online teaching pedagogy involving activity based learning, impactful delivery of lessons, Value education etc have truly been instrumental in shaping the thought process of my ward. Indeed the school motto (Service before Self) befits our Teachers’ dedicated and spirited efforts in grooming our wards. Undoubtedly, a finishing school which produces quality asset over the long run. Once again, appreciate and best wishes for Team DPS. Miles to go…

Mr. Debashish Roy F/o Devam Roy

Class: III

Great endeavors put in for our ward’s development...

It is an incredible exertion to fabricate a solid organization among guardians and teachers in DPS, Serrvodaya Nagar.
Thankyou for all great endeavors put in for our ward’s development. I would like to express my gratitude to the school as well as the teachers to interface our kids to E – learning and providing them the best study material…. I really appreciate the efforts of the faculty members .

Mrs. Shipra Dwivedi M/o Ashutosh Dwivedi

Class: V

Teachers are amazing and infrastructure is great....

It is really a wonderful experience for us to be part of DPS. Teachers are amazing and always motivate children by allowing them to freely express themselves. The infrastructure is great and even in this unprecedented times, studies are going on smoothly and in a planned way. We really appreciate the efforts.

Mrs. Seema Malhotra M/o Reet Malhotra

Class: V

Appreciate the way all teachers have helped her learn....

A very warm greetings to one and all….
I am Shilpi Pandey, Mother of Sumeha Pandey studying in class II.
The educational process which gets started by learning to read and write continues until we gain our professional life.
This whole process is completed with teachers. A Teacher’s hand has always touched each and every person’s life.
Teachers reveal the hidden abilities and thoughts of students.
All this has been greatly amplified in the last 2 years of Covid-19 era where instead of the personal touch the Online touch has been felt by one and all.
I personally appreciate this a lot, as I can imagine the challenges of working from home as its a humongous task to manage household and online students at the same time. My child Sumeha did feel the gap initially but gradually got accustomed to the new method, vastly due to the efforts of her teachers. She enjoys her classes and looks forward to her sessions. I appreciate the way you all teachers have helped her learn by trying new and innovative examples. Very thanks to one and all the teachers for ensuring the engagement and interest of all children in these trying times.
A big thanks to You all and please be safe and healthy.

Mrs. Shilpi Pandey M/o Sumeha Pandey

Class: II

DPS, Serrvodaya Nagar, this is not just an institution but a beautiful garden whose children are remarkably nurtured by its people with care, affection, and responsibility. The school is not only about teaching curriculum, teachers make sure to be a friend, parent and guide to their students so that they learn life long skills. It is rightly said a person’s elder self is a reflection of the foundation of his/her younger self, and we are highly thankful and grateful that DPS, Serrvodaya Nagar has been an integral part of our child’s journey. Every member of this institution has always cared and guided him just like their own child and has always stood by him in the days of his struggle. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to respected Headmistress ma’am, teachers and staff for providing a beautiful environment to our child that always makes him feel that his school is a home away from home his school to be just like his home.

Dr Roopa Bhalla M/o Ashustosh Bhalla

Class: IV


Delhi Public School , Serrvodaya Nagar has been a great support not only in terms of imparting knowledge to Ashwika but also in developing confidence and overall development of my child within her, for the past 5 years since she joined in Pre-Nursery. I would also like to thank the whole staff as well as the management for all their support and cooperation for keeping her motivated through different virtual activities and brightening her future in all phases of life which enabled her to have such a relaxed learning environment and gave her more time for independent thinking and creative work.
“I am confident that my child has a better future”
Thank you for being such an important part of my child’s development”.

Mrs. Neha Singh Valecha M/o Ashwika Singh Valecha

Class: III

I would like to thank the teachers and support staff at DPS Serrvodaya Nagar for their continuous care, support, collaboration and patience especially in these testing times of COVID. I have witnessed massive and exponential development in my son over the last 5 years. I feel obliged to have my son studying in DPS Serrvodaya Nagar family. Thanks for the endurance, quality, enthusiasm and passion you provide each and every day. My son feels comfortable and tries to follow his teachers as a role model at home.

Dr. Neeraj Varyani F/o Rudrapriya Varyani

Class: III

We the parents of Sarthak Mishra of class V and Sharanya Mishra of class Nursery sense proud to be a part of this esteemed institution Delhi Public School, Serrvodaya Nagar, Kanpur as this school has made a positive impact on my children . DPS endeavours to instill a sense of self discipline in the students. The school and the teachers have to be applauded mentioned for their innovative, caring and child centric approach towards educating these young minds .The school has an excellent staff and environment. The faculty certainly makes every student smart and guarantees that every child is capable of achieving his goals and strive for perfection!

A special thanks to the Headmistress ma’am, Coordinators and instructors for constantly being there to assist us for making our children’s future bright.

Dr Roopali Mishra M/o Sarthak Mishra & Sharanya Mishra

Class: V, Nursery

We the parent of Ahaan J of Class 2B in the academic year of 2022-2023. We feel blessed to have our son’s primary school journey with DPS Serrvodaya Nagar. Being a south Indian, Ahaan had some language issues initially, but all that he overcame and proved himself as a shinning star. As a parent it was a very proud moment for me, which happened only because of the support of entire DPS team.
I would like to appreciate the activities and competitions conducted by the school which gives opportunities to each and every child to participate and make them more independent and confident to speak or perform in front of the audiences.
Everybody was skeptical about how the school will function during COVID, but I was really happy to see the initiative taken by the school to continuously provide facility of online classes.
I would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to all of the teachers for their priceless efforts, understanding, support, guidance and contribution towards our son’s progress.

They have absolutely given a lifetime impact to our son. Their dedication and patience has enabled our son to receive positive educational experiences throughout his primary school journey with DPS. All the teachers are an epitome of promoting inclusivity in education.

We are sincerely thankful to the school’s management for giving a supportive platform for these teachers to excel in making a difference to our son’s academic and holistic education.

Mr. Jayakumar K F/o Ahaan J

Class: II